What Is Million Dollar Coder

Million Dollar Coder Is:

  • Self Determination

  • Discovery

  • Empowerment

  • Opportunity

  • Instruction

  • Resources

  • Flexibility

It is the ability for each Medical Coding Professional to achieve without limits.


Million Dollar Coder is a Membership Instructional Program that shows Medical Coding Professionals how to acheive success through Independence.

A Million Dollars?

Oh, it is not only possible, but is it very achievable.

And we show you exactly how!

Yes, it does require committed effort.

It is not a get rich quick scheme.


We provide step by step and and starter content that can have you generating profit as soon as today. We Provide a CEU Module approved for AHIMA and aaPC that you an start selling right away as well as a Coding Topic that you can brand as your own.

Web Site

We provide you a designed website with hosting for one year. You have 100% control to edit the site as you desire. We show you a vast number of site tools that can make your site a powerhouse. You also may set up email addresses for your website at no charge. Example – info@yoursite.com

Tools and Resources

We provide you an extensive library of resources from stock images to marketing tools and templates. Things that take many upstarts years to search, find, and inmplement are at your fingertips.

You do not have to do anything you are not comfortable with. And, we would never suggest quitting a job until and unless you see that is the right choice. We show you a way that you can start and gain both success and confidence to be in a position to make that decision.

Well, what if you don’t like a job? You make a decision on what you will do? We show a long list of profitable concepts and the limits are enless based on your interests and skills. The program is comprehensive in supporting, cultivating, and developing you as an individual.

We have to say that this program is not designed for failure. If you try, it will be hard to fail. If you try to fail, then you will.

If you fail at the starter program and have registrants, we will find them a new home. If you fail at another enterprise, we will counsel you on an exit strategy. Not without making every effort to help succeed first.

Start learning from a million dollar coder today







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Why Million Dollar Coder?

Only you can answer this. Your “Big Why”


  • Less than ideal compensation
  • Poor company culture or management
  • Unrealistic expectations from employer
  • Lack of advancement
  • Lack of fulfillment / satisfaction

Are a few of the common “Why’s”


Maybe the video below may resonate with you!